Dabeco Games Presents Havenfall

Havenfall Box and Game
Havenfall’s print run is now sold out online, copies may still be available at stores in the Pittsburgh area.
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You are survivors of the town of Ember. The Djiran demons have opened a rift that began to corrupt the land. You have fled to the town of Havenfall with the few items and treasures you salvaged from your home.

In this deck-building game each player starts with the same ten cards. Players use their cards to either purchase stronger cards, fight monsters, or trash cards during their turn. Each player builds their own unique deck with their purchases. When a player purchases a card, it is placed in their discard pile. Eventually, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the deck in which players’ draw their hands. Purchased cards are more powerful than the ten starter cards and help players fight monsters. Players may choose to thin down their deck by trashing cards in order for more powerful cards to be drawn more frequently.

Players have the option of gaining spells during their turn. Spells can be used at any point during the game to either aid a player during their turn or disrupt an opponent’s turn.

When a player fights and defeats a monster, the player gains a pixel related to the color of the monster. These pixels are a reusable resource that enhances players’ cards. When a player defeats a boss, they also gain points based on the monster’s rank. These points move the player along on the scoreboard. The first player to reach ten points wins the game.

Download Havenfall Rule Book (PDF)